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2016 Pavement Management

05 24 Weekly Update

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Phase One (Green): The contractor has been working on grading and tolerancing the gravel base in preparation for paving. Paving was completed the morning of Wednesday May 25th.

Phase Two (Blue): After Memorial Day weekend, work will begin to pick up in Phase 2. The contractor will be in lowering the manhole castings to prepare for pavement removal which is scheduled to occur June 2nd, weather permitting. Curb removal will occur shortly after all the pavement has been removed and the existing gravel base has been mixed and shaped.

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05 17 Weekly Update

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Phase One (Green): New concrete curb and gutter has been place and completed, along with concrete driveways. Grading is scheduled to begin May 18th, weather permitting. Driveway access is being returned as the grading process continues and will be provided in the same order as concrete curb and gutter was placed. During the grading process, please avoid parking along the street to allow the contractor to continue working and providing driveway access to residents. The initial pavement lift is scheduled to occur next week, weather permitting.

Phase Two (Blue): Utility repairs began in Phase 2 of District D2 on May 11th. These repairs include adding to or replacing pieces of sanitary and storm manhole and catch basin structures.

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05 10 Weekly Update

Construction began in Phase 1 of District D2 on April 26th with utility repairs, including adding or replacing pieces to sanitary and storm manhole and catch basin structures. This has worked its way into Phase 2 and will be completed within the next couple weeks.

Phase One (Green): The pavement and curb has been removed and new concrete curb and gutter is scheduled to start being placed May 11th, weather permitting. Once the new curb is placed, it will take 7 days to gain its full strength. Please avoid driving over this curb for this time period. Residents will be allowed to park in front of their home until they have gained access to their driveways.


General Information

The 2016 Pavement Management project includes two residential areas and a portion of 80th Street, from Ideal Avenue to Jamaica Avenue.

Information on the City of Cottage Grove's assessment policy.

The area in district D2 includes the streets generally bound by Hadley Avenue to the west, 95th Street to the south, and Hamlet Park to the east.

The area in districts F3 and F5 includes the streets generally bound by 80th Street to the north, Keats Avenue to the east, 85th Street to the south, and the East Central Ravine Park to the west.

70th Street and Jamaica Avenue

70th Street and Jamaica Avenue

In case of an emergency, please call the Cottage Grove Police.

We realize that this construction will be inconvenient at times.  We appreciate your patience.

Note – Construction Schedule is dependent upon the weather. 

Cayden Glen Development

The Cayden Glen development, by Newland Communities, includes 92 single family lots.  This development is located on the north side of 70th Street, east of Jamaica Avenue.  Site grading began in the spring of 2014, followed by utility and street construction and new home construction. Currently there are 25 homes completed or under construction by Lennar Corporation.

Eastridge Woods Development

Construction in the Eastridge Woods development by D.R. Horton began in 2013, and will be completed in five phases.  This development is located north of 70th Street, west of Keats Avenue.  In the Eastridge Woods 1st Addition, 34 of the 37 homes are completed.  The final streets in the 1st addition were completed during the late summer/early fall of 2015.  As part of the final streets project the bituminous “wedge” that is protecting the concrete curb was removed, and the final lift of bituminous pavement was placed.  This project also included the removal and replacement of any damaged curb or sidewalk.

Grading of the Eastridge Woods 2nd addition began in the spring of 2014, with new home construction starting in the fall of 2014.  There are 37 lots in the 2nd addition for single family homes.  Currently there are 29 houses completed or under construction.

In 2015, D.R. Horton began construction of the Eastridge Woods 3rd addition, which includes 24 single family lots.  Street and utility construction was completed in the summer of 2015, with new home construction starting in the fall of 2015.  There are currently two homes under construction in the 3rd addition of the Eastridge Woods development.

Everwood 4th Addition & Hardwood Ave Improvements

The fourth and final phase of the Everwood development is currently under construction.  This development by MJR Developers includes 10 single family residential lots along Aspen Cove.  Site grading for the development began in August of 2014 and was followed by installation of utilities.  The sanitary and storm sewer for this development is routed down the hill to Hardwood Avenue.  In order to protect the trees along the hill, the pipes were installed by a directional drilling method rather than a traditional open trench.  Using this method the contractor set equipment up along Hardwood Avenue and in the development, and essentially drilled the pipe through the ground.   Street construction within the development was also completed in the fall of 2014.  There are currently three homes completed or under construction in the Everwood 4th Addition.

Another component of this project was the installation of sidewalk/trails and street lights along Hardwood Avenue.  Concrete sidewalk was extended along the west side of Hardwood Avenue from the southern intersection with Harkness Avenue to East Point Douglas Road.  After East Point Douglas Road, a bituminous trail was constructed along the west side of Hardwood Avenue up to the existing trail near the northern intersection with Harkness Avenue.  Street lights were also installed along both sides of Hardwood Avenue from the southern intersection with Harkness Avenue up to 73rd Street.  Finally in 2015, a woodchip trail was constructed in the ravine from Hardwood Avenue up to Meadow Grass Cove. 

Kingston Grove Development

The Kingston Grove development is a 12 lot development by Keats Land LLC, and is located along the west side of Keats Avenue, just south of the Cottage Grove Middle School.  Site grading and street/utility construction were completed in the fall of 2015, with new home construction starting shortly after.  Currently there is one home under construction within the development.  Also completed as part of this project was the installation of a bituminous trail from the development to the Cottage Grove Middle School.  This trail connection will provide access to the middle school for homes within the neighborhood.

Mississippi Dunes 4th Addition

The final homes within the Mississippi Dunes 4th Addition were completed in 2015.  The homes in this 29 lot development by Meridian Land Company were constructed by Capstone Homes. With home construction complete, the final streets project was completed in the fall of 2015.  The final streets project is where the bituminous “wedge” that is protecting the concrete curb is removed, and the final lift of bituminous pavement is placed.  During this project any damage curb and gutter is also replaced. 

Oak Cove Development

The Oak Cove development includes 12 single family lots by Meridian Land Company, with construction by Capstone Homes.  It is located on Burr Oak Cove south of 74th Street. In 2014, tree clearing and grading activities for the development began, followed by utility installation.  Installation of the concrete curb and first lift of the bituminous pavement was also completed in the fall of 2014, followed by the start of new home construction.  Currently there are eight homes completed or under construction.  In 2015 the concrete sidewalks and concrete driveway aprons were also installed along Burr Oak Cove.

Granada Park

Granada Park improvements will include the installation of a picnic shelter, Ash tree replacement, area for open turf play, expansion of the playground and replacement of existing tennis courts with two pickleball courts.

The majority of construction will take place during the spring/summer of 2016, although preparation work began in December of 2015 due to favorable weather conditions.

Download the Granada Park Master Plan PDF

Gateway North Open Space (Camels Hump Park)

Construction in the new Camels Hump Park continued in the fall of 2015.  This park is located along the south side of the Oak Cove development along Burr Oak Cove.  In 2014 construction of the parking lot and turn around area was done in conjunction with the construction of the adjacent Oak Cove Development.  The 2015 project included construction of the two scenic overlook areas, finish grading of the gravel base for the bituminous trails in the park, construction of limestone trails, and construction of a rain garden in the parking lot.  The majority of the seeding and landscaping was completed in the fall of 2015 as well.  Paving of the bituminous trails, along with the final landscaping and seeding, is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2016.