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2015 Pavement Management

The 2015 Pavement Management project includes the reconstruction of three sections of City streets. 

  1. A residential area located generally south of 80th Street, west of the East Central Ravine Park and Jody Circle, north of 90th Street and Hillside Trail, and east of the West Central Ravine Park. 
  2. An area that includes a portion of 90th Street from Jamaica Avenue up to where the reconstructed section begins near Keats Avenue. 
    • Currently a full pavement replacement with spot curb replacement is proposed for these two areas.  Minor utilities repairs would also be completed as part of the project. 
  3. The final area includes Grey Cloud Trail from the St. Paul Park border down to the causeway to Lower Grey Cloud Island.
    • A full pavement replacement is proposed for this area as well. 

Approximately seven miles of streets proposed for reconstruction as part of this project.

Information on the City of Cottage Grove's assessment policy.

2014 Pavement Management

The 2014 Pavement Management project included reconstruction of streets south of 90th Street between Islay and Jewel Avenues. The work  began May 27, 2014 and was completed in September. Entire pavement sections were removed, damaged curbs replaced and minor utility repairs were completed. There were approximately five miles of streets within this project.

2014 Seal Coat Project

Annually the City completes crack filling and seal coating on a portion of the City streets.  This helps to protect the pavement from moisture, prolonging the life of the road.  Cracks in the road are routed and filled before a seal coat of oil and aggregate is applied. 

In addition to the 2014 areas, crack filling was also completed in a portion of the 2015 seal coating area, which includes the roads north and west of 80th Street, Hardwood Avenue, 70th Street, and Hinton Avenue.

Seal coating is a standard road maintenance procedure which involves placing a layer of rock and oil on the street to help project and prolong the life of the

2014 Pond Maintenance Project

As part of the City’s stormwater permit with the MPCA, the City is required to routinely maintain the storm sewer system, to ensure it is functioning properly and removing pollutants from the City’s stormwater before it is discharged into the Mississippi River.  As part of this maintenance, annually the City selects a handful of stormwater ponds to maintain.  This includes removing built-up sediment from the ponds, replacing rip rap around discharge pipes, replacing damaged structures, and removing vegetation that has grown in around the pond. 

In 2014 the City completed maintenance on three ponds.  The first two located in the Highland Hills development, directly east of Peter Thompson Park.  The third pond is a dry pond, located in Hemingway Park

2014 Trail Resurfacing

Annually, the City resurfaces a section of trails in Cottage Grove. This project is similar to the seal coating project, where a mixture of oil and rock is placed on the trails.  This resurfacing is very cost effective, and protects the pavement and extends the life of the trail. Approximately eight miles of trail were resurfaced in 2014.

Camel's Hump Park

Camel’s Hump Park will be constructed simultaneously with the Oak Cove Development.  This new park is located directly south Oak Cove, on the bluff above US Highway 61.  This park will include new paved and wood chip trails that will connect several scenic overlooks over the Mississippi River Valley.  These trails will also connect to existing unsurfaced trails in the Minnesota Land Trust area to the east.  Future plans include the construction of a park shelter, and extension of the paved and wood chip trails into the Minnesota Land Trust.

Cayden Glen Development

The Cayden Glen development, by Newland Communities, will include 92 single family lots.  This development is located on the north side of 70th Street, directly west of the Eastridge Woods Development.  Grading of the site began March 2014 and is scheduled to be completed the week of May 19, 2014. Street and utility construction began April 2014, and will last for approximately four months.  Currently sanitary sewer is being installed throughout the site.  Once street and utility construction is completed, construction of new single family homes will begin.

Cedarhust Meadows Park

Grading of the new Cedarhurst Meadows Park in the Eastridge Woods development began during the summer of 2013.  Last fall the grading was completed, along with the construction of some of the playground equipment.  This spring and summer will see the construction of the rest of the park amenities, including a play mineshaft, a limestone climbing wall, edible and sensory gardens, and a sand play area.  The park will also have a trail system that will connect with the larger trail system around the Watershed District’s drainage area and open space.  These trails will provide connectivity between new developments and another great recreation experience in the Upper Ravine District.

Clear Channel Project

The Clear Channel Ravine Stabilization Project is funded by the South Washington Watershed District to address major erosion issues in a ravine north of 70th Street, near Highway 61 and the western border of Cottage Grove. This has been an ongoing maintenance issue, with large amounts of soil being deposited at the bottom of the ravine near 70th Street. 

During the fall of 2013, two stormwater basins were constructed on the south side of 70th Street, to control the amount of water that is discharged from the ravine.  Stabilization of the ravine is scheduled for 2014.  This will include addressing erosion that has occurred, installation of storm sewer pipe, and the construction of rip rap pools to control the rate of water flow.  Finally, two stormwater ponds will be constructed to control the amount of water that can enter the ravine.

Eastridge Woods Development

Eastridge Woods development by D.R. Horton is located on the northeast side of Cottage Grove, between Military Road and 70th Street.  The first addition of this project got under way in 2013, with the development of 37 single family lots, Cedarhurst Meadows Park, and all of the corresponding utility and street infrastructure.

The  new home construction began late summer 2013, and to date 19 building permits have been issued.  Winter 2013 saw the construction approval for the second addition of Eastridge Woods which will include another 37 single family lots.  Grading activities for the second phase began May 2014 and will last four to five months, with street and utility construction to follow. 

Once completed, this development will include 134 new single family homes

Everwood Development

The fourth and final phase of the Everwood development is under construction. The development by MJR Developers includes 11 single family residential lots along Aspen Cove.

Everwood 3rd Subdivision, by MJR Developers, saw its final home constructed winter 2013.  This development included nine single family lots along Aspen Cove, south of the Timber Ridge Addition. 

MJR Developers is currently finishing the design phase of the Everwood 4th subdivision, which will include the final 10 single family lots in the Everwood development. Grading of this new development will begin early this summer, with street and utility construction to follow.  This project will also require the construction of stormwater ponds along the west side of Hardwood Avenue, to treat stormwater from the development.

There will be several other public improvements constructed in conjunction with the Everwood 4th subdivision:

  1. A wood chip trail that will connect from the Everwood development down to Hardwood Avenue. 
  2. The construction of a bituminous trail along the west side of Hardwood Avenue from East Point Douglas Road to 71st Street.  This trail will connect existing sidewalk and trail at both ends. 
  3. The installation of street lights on both sides of Hardwood Avenue from East Point Douglas Road to 70th Street.

Mississippi Dunes 4th Addition

Meridian Land Company developed 29 single family lots in the Mississippi Dunes Estates 4th addition.  The street and utility improvements were competed in 2013, and home construction began summer of 2013.  New paved trails and a stormwater pond were also included as part of this project. 

Home construction for 2014 is under way, with 17 building permits issued for new single family homes.

Oak Cove Development

The Oak Cove development includes 10 single family lots by Meridian Land Company.  It is located on Burr Oak Cove south of 74th Street. On Sept. 8, 2014, tree clearing and grading activities for the development began with utility construction taking place the end of September or early October. Once utilities are installed, curb and gutter and pavement will be placed for Burr Oak Cove. New home construction is schedule to begin in November.

Pinecliff 5th Addition

This development will have its final streets paved fall 2014.

When streets are initially constructed in a new development only the base course of pavement is placed, along with a “wedge” of pavement along each side of the road. This wedge helps protect the concrete curb from damage until the final lift of pavement is placed.  Once 90 percent of the homes are constructed in a development, the pavement wedge is removed and the final wearing course of pavement is placed.  At that time, the developer will also replace any curb or sidewalk that were damaged during the construction process.

The Pinecliff 5th Subdivision by Lennar Homes, which included 27 single family lots located north of 65th Street and east of Hinton Avenue, had its final home built during the fall of 2013. 

Radio Drive/Military Road

This is a Washington County project. Construction is expected to begin mid- to late-July.  The project will take about three months to complete.

The west leg of the intersection will be closed for a majority of the project.  A bypass on the east side of the intersection is being built, similar to the roundabout construction at CSAH 19 and  22.  The north, south, and east legs will be open for a majority of the project.

Visit the Washington County website for more details.

Sunnyhill Park

Sunnyhill Park, located in the Pinecliff development, is scheduled to be completed in 2014.  Construction of this park began in 2012 with the installation of the playground equipment, picnic shelter, and some of the paved trails.  During 2013 the finish grading of the park was completed. 2014  will see the installation of a sport court, completion of the trails, and final restoration.  Expansion of this park is planned for the future, as development continues to the east of the Pinecliff subdivision.

Water Tower Painting

The water tank (tower) located at 6950 Meadow Grass Avenue S. will be reconditioned beginning in April.

This work is expected to be completed by June 21, 2014. The City has contracted the work which will be done weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..  There is a possibility of weekend work from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This project includes the removal of portions of the existing coatings (paint) and  application of new coatings (paint). During this process, there will be temporary  installations of telecommunications equipment adjacent to the water tower. There may be some contractor vehicles parking along the driveway of the water tower site.

 Because the contractor will be using abrasive blasting methods for spot exterior coating  removal, a Containment System will be utilized to control the release of blasting  emissions. Therefore, no dust emissions should be produced by the blast operations.  During transfer of clean blast abrasive from the bulk storage tank to the blast pots, some  dust may be visible.

Residents near the water tower may wish to take the following additional precautions during the project to minimize the potential inconvenience of this work:

  1. Close all doors, windows and storm windows on the walls that face the structure to be abrasive blasted and their adjoining walls and;
  2. Turn off any air conditioning units on walls that face the structure and their adjoining walls if they draw in outdoor air, and tightly cover these units with impermeable material such as plastic and;
  3. Bring indoors all pets, pet houses, pet food and water bowls, and all children's toys and play equipment or remove them from the area, or cover equipment that cannot be moved.

The Meadow Grass Park playground adjacent to the water tank will be closed for safety reasons while the tank is reconditioned.

Resident letter dated April 9, 2014

2013 Pavement Management Project

The 2013 Pavement Management Project was located in the neighborhood bound by 80th Street, Jamaica Avenue, 70th Street, and County Road 19.  Along with the reconstruction of the streets in this neighborhood, several improvements to were made at Kingston Park. 

Substantial completion of this project was reached in the fall of 2013.  The contractor, Hardrives Inc., is currently working on completing a punch list of items.  This punch list is made up of issues and repairs that need to be addressed before the project is fully completed. A major component of this punch list is to address areas where seeding has failed and restoration still needs to be completed. 

The contractor was given the month of May 2014  to complete these restoration activities.