Voter Registration

To vote, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • A Minnesota resident for at least 20 days on Election Day.
  • Properly registered.

At least 20 days before the Election Day, Complete a Voter Registration Application, available at City Hall or online.  You can download a Voter Registration Application at the Secretary of State's Web site (97KB PDF).


Register in person, or mail the application to the Washington County Elections Office.

To register at the polling place on Election Day, you must have authorized proof of residence:

  • Valid Minnesota Driver's License, Learner's Permit or receipt of either with current address located in precinct.
  • Valid Minnesota I.D. or receipt with current address located in precinct.
  • A registered voter in the precinct who can vouch for you.
  • Registration in the same precinct indicating a previous address.
  • Mailed notice from the Registration Office indicating late registration.
  • Students can show their address in the precinct by using a current fee statement and an I.D. card.
  • A tribal I.D. with name, address, signature, and picture of the individual.


A voter may also register using a combination of one approved photo ID (column 1) and one approved utility bill (column 2):

Column 1

Column 2

Minnesota driver's license with current name (licenses from out-of-state are not acceptable).

Minnesota state I.D. card (I.D.s form other states are not acceptable).

U.S. Military I.D.

U. S. passport.

Minnesota Tribal I.D.

  • Electric bill.
  • Gas bill.
  • Water bill.
  • Sewer bill.
  • Solid waste bill.
  • Cable television bill.
  • Telephone bill.

You must re-register if:

  • Your name or address changes.
  • You have not voted in four years.

 Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
***News Release***
CONTACT: Patricia Turgeon

  Secretary of State Mark Ritchie Reminds Voters to Register Now for August 14 State Primary

 - Voter Pre-Registration Deadline for the State Primary Election is July 24

ST. PAUL, Minn.—July 11, 2012 –Secretary of State Mark Ritchie today reminded eligible Minnesota voters that the deadline to pre-register to vote for the state primary is July 24.

"Election-day voter registration is an option in Minnesota, but pre-registering is a very good idea, because it saves you time when you go vote on August 14." Secretary Ritchie said.

State law requires Minnesotans to be registered at their current address before they are allowed to vote. Registrations remain current until voters move or change their names. Voters must also re-register if they have not voted in the last four years.

 Minnesotans may pre-register to vote by completing a voter registration application and submitting it to their county auditor's office or the Office of the Secretary of State. Applications are available online at or at county government offices and public libraries.

Those who register prior to the deadline will appear in the roster at their polling place and will not have to provide additional information at the polling place on Election Day.  Minnesota allows eligible voters to register on Election Day as long as they provide proper proof of residence. For more information about voting eligibility requirements, visit

Voters can use the office's online Voter Registration Lookup at to quickly learn whether they are registered at their current address. This online tool will let voters know whether their polling place has changed due to redistricting and provide additional information such as how to register, the dates of the next election and a list of candidates.

Editor's note: Mark Ritchie is Minnesota's 21st Secretary of State. A downloadable press photograph is available at:


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