Cottage Grove's annual Spring Cleanup Day is May 5, 2018, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cottage Grove Public Works Garage, 8635 W. Pt. Douglas Rd. S.  Cottage Grove residents can drop off household goods and unwanted items for a small fee. Fees vary depending on item. 

Download the Cottage Grove Spring 2018 Cleanup flyer (PDF) which includes a list of items accepted and the fee.

Hazardous waste and electronics will be accepted free-of-charge from households only (no businesses). Please organize your load so that all hazardous materials can be removed last from your vehicle.

Document shredding
Document shredding will be offered. In order to serve as many people as possible, no more than four boxes per customer will be accepted.  Please note that shredding capacity may be reached before the end of the event.

Cash or checks only made out to City of Cottage Grove.

Clean our your garage and prevent a home garage fire
This is the perfect time to think about cleaning out your garage too. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are 6,600 garage fires every year resulting in 30 deaths, 400 injuries and $457 million in property loss. Of these fires, 93 percent occurred in one- and two-family homes.  The leading cause of garage fires is electrical malfunction. This can be due to shorts in wires, damaged wires, and overloading electrical outlets. Don’t let your garage become a statistic. 

Keep your home and your family safe by following these tips:

  • Store oil, gasoline, paints, propane and varnishes in a shed away from your home.
  • Keep items that can burn on shelves away from appliances.
  • Plug only one charging appliance into an outlet.
  • Don’t use an extension cord when charging an appliance.

Here are garage safety tips from construction through install:

  • A 20–minute fire–rated door that is self–closing and self–latching from the garage into the house.
  • A ceiling made with 5/8–inch Type X gypsum board (or equivalent) if you have living space above the garage.
  • A wall with a ½–inch gypsum board (or equivalent) if the wall attaches the garage to your home.
  • An attic hatch cover if you have attic access from the garage.
  • A heat alarm—not a smoke alarm—in your garage. The heat alarm will sound if temperature rises too high. Learn more about what type of heat alarm is best for garage installation at

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